Bridgewalk in the media

50 visions of mathematics Thilo in the Post Thilo in the Better Bristol Book: From Brygstow to Bristol in 45 Bridges

My original bridgewalk received double-page coverage in the Bristol Post. It was then very quickly picked up by smaller papers and various news sites. For about three days people recognized me in the streets. After that my brief spell of fame was over, but some coverage of the bridgewalk continued, including three radio interviews.

I was subsequently invited to contribute a chapter to "50 visions of mathematics" a book editied by Sam Parc.

A long feature article appeared also in "Better Bristol". This article inspired particularly many locals to attempt the walk. I started receiveing requests for detailed walking instructions on a weekly basis, and the bridgewalk was used in at least 2 charity fundraisers.

Recently, Jeffrey Lucas, the author of the article in "Better Bristol" announced plans for a book about the bridgewalk that will be published by Bristol Books early 2019.