Although many people dont believe it, I really like running and hiking. I also enjoy playing volleyball and did a bit of Tai Chi and Kendo in the past. But the sport I am most enthusiastic about is called Shakkti.

In the wars of ancient india, the opposing armies would rest for some time before the battle. During this time the champions of each army walked out on the battlefield and challanged the enemy to individual duels. Before each duel the opponents taunted each other by showing off their mastery of the shastar vidia, the vedic art of combat. The style of fighting, known as Gatka, was conserved in the Sikh religion. The closely related artistic mastery of weapons is now sometimes called Shakkti.

Shakkti is hard to descibe, as it is situated somewhere between meditation, dancing, juggling and martial art. While being part of Kundalini Yoga, Shakti is meditation in movement. Although closely related to traditional indian Kata dancing, the movements of Shakti reveal their martial origin. The complex movements of Shakkti remind of juggling or dancing, but are carried out with the force needed in battle.